How do I post an event?
You can post a public event by going to the main calendar page here, clicking the “Submit Event” button, and entering the data for your event. Please pay attention to our guidelines for posting events: Events that are open to the public and internationally focused. The International Austin Calendar Coordinator will post the event or reject it for corrections.

What if I don't have a compatible calendar (.ics, .ical, time.ly, google, or Facebook event)?
The time.ly calendar app we are using is the best option for clubs/companies/associations/organizations to post their events in the most aesthetic and functional format of a calendar; however, you also have the possibility to post single time events as a non-member, (see “How do I post an event?”). You can also get any calendar (including a free version) at time.ly/pricing – all of which will give an .ics feed of which we can subscribe to so your events will automatically be synced and published on our calendar.

How do I become a contributing member?
Using the Time.ly calendar app, the International Austin Calendar can pull feeds directly from your website, online calendar, or even Facebook event feed. The preferred calendar formats are time.ly; .ics; ical; and Facebook Events. Please get your calendar from time.ly/pricing, then contact info@internationalaustin.org to have your calendar imported into the International Austin Calendar feed.

How do I sign up for the newsletter?
To sign up for our GlobalAustin Newsletter, join our Mailing List!
  1. Visit globalaustin.org.
  2. Scroll down the home page to see “Never miss an update. Join our Mailing List!”
  3. Fill out your name and Email address.
  4. Click Subscribe Now.
Can I subscribe to your calendar?
Yes, you can import either the entire calendar or just parts of the calendar based on the categories/filters, then click on the subscribe button. You can then export and pull the events into your personal calendar.