About Us

GlobalAustin has, for many years, worked closely with the City of Austin – specifically the Global Business Expansion Division (GBED).  That office frequently meets with our International Visitor Leadership Program delegations – and refers appropriate delegations who have contacted them to GlobalAustin for fee-for-service programs. Working with their programming partners in Washington D.C., GlobalAustin is one of the premiere organizations providing professional exchange programs in Central Texas and Houston.

For several years, Austin’s GBED sent a monthly newsletter, announcing international and intercultural events to all who subscribed.  There were numerous requests for an on-line calendar that would give the stakeholders the ability to post their events, in a timely manner, and to know what other events were taking place before they planned theirs – thus avoiding conflicting dates that would reduce interest in their own events.

In 2012 the City of Austin awarded a small grant of seed money for an online calendar. GlobalAustin was chosen to create and manage this calendar of intercultural events. The work began and the site was launched!  By 2016, though, itwas obvious that a new and improved calendar software could enable more automation for the International Austin Calendar member organizations.

Attempts have been made to ensure it is easy to use the online International Calendar. In some cases, events can feed automatically from an organization’s calendar to the International Austin Calendar. For more information and/or to become an International Austin Calendar member — which is a free service provided by GlobalAustin — please contact our Calendar Coordinator at info@globalaustin.org.

Guide lines for posting events: Events that are open to the public and internationally focused.